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Application – ASEAN Engineering Registry

To date, the number of PICE members that have been admitted to the ASEAN Engineering Registry is 1,080.

Applications for registration to AER are initially screened and recommended by PICE, followed by the evaluation of the Philippine Technological Council, the umbrella organization of the different engineering professional organizations in the country, who then endorses the applicant/s to the Governing Board of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO) for final approval.

CLICK here to download the documents … https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1DKj_HA994cPXdUd6kImilFBZ0D8ihadY

For further queries contact your Chapter : piceicldn2019@gmail.com

Feb. 11, 2020 / pp EAEslao


The Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE), has invited the PICE to nominate not more than three (3) young civil engineers for the JSCE Study Tour Grant 2020.

In this regard, we are calling on all the PICE Chapters to nominate one young civil engineer who is an active member of PICE and who has the strong will to pursue his/her civil engineering career and to contribute to his/her country’s further development and has interest in Japanese civil engineering, fluent in the English language.

The chapter must submit the complete credentials of their nominee not later than 6 March 2020 with the following attachments . . . .

CLICK HERE to download the documents … https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1DRb0CN0K6Fidw8EZylnZkkJ98rGlu0zq

For further queries please contact your Chapter thru email; piceicldn2019@gmail.com

/ pp EAEslao

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