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Civil Engineering Landmark


On Saturday, January 22, 2022 the Chapter revisited the PICE Civil Engineering Landmark in the Maria Cristina Hydroelectric complex, Fuentes, Iligan city.

This was one among others the Chapter’s activities for the year.
It was headed by the Chapter’s president Aly Khan Ali. Also present are the ever active Chapter’s past presidents. The officers, board of directors and active members participated.
It all started by cleaning up the site. After the clean up and photo ops pre-packed breakfast was served.

This Civil Engineering Landmark was awarded by PICE National as an Outstanding Landmark of the Philippines featuring the MARIA CRISTINA HYDROELECTRIC PLANT, This was inaugurated on September 8, 2011.

// pp Ely Eslao (1993)
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after meeting

The Planning session and 1st Board meeting was held on January 8, 2022 at the DPWH Lanao del Norte 2nd Engineering office, Seminary Drive, Palao, Iligan City.
It was a well attended session with the presence of past chapter presidents.
The session started at 9:00 am with a group photo ops and ending at 2:30 pm.

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Group officers

Group all

after meeting

Relief Operation for Surigao


The PICE-ICLDN Chapter, would like to thank everyone for sharing your time, effort and treasure for the success of our relief operation in Surigao.

We really appreciate it because without all of you we could not make it.

Thank you to our past presidents,  Sir Edgie Ong, Maam marivel Ong, Engr Mark Siao, Engr Ervin Sumagang, Engr R. De mesa, Engr Gerry Baldomero, Engr Al Erat, Engr Tata Actub, Engr metodia Trinidad, 

To our BOD, Engr james rodney ong, and Engr Jerry Selim, 

Special thanks to our supportive RD Zenny Tan, and to those all who donated without hesitation. We may not name you all but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

May Allah bless us and our family so we can serve more. 

Happy new year everyone! // Pres. Aly Khan Ali

1. Ronaldo De Mesa
2. Gerry Baldomero
3. IOSumagang Construction
4. Joy Benes Pocdol
5. Abella Family
6. Leonor Actub
7. Roel Lluader
8. Condrado Laroda Jr.
9. Metodia Trinidad
10. James Rodney Ong
11. Jerry Selim
12. Alejandro Erat
13. Liza Pomicmic
14. DPWH Lanao 1st
15. Friends of PICE

// ppMSiao

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// pp EAE

Induction of 2022 Officers & BOD

2021 oath pice

Civil Engineering Month ACTIVITIES