PICE ICLDN Continues Working Despite Covid 19 

Once again PICE ICLDN lives up to its Best Chapter brand. Despite restrictions and limitations imposed by Covid- 19 quarantines, the Chapter finds a way to continue working. On March 28 & 29, 2020, the Chapter learns the use of Zoom Cloud Meeting app which is a tool to conduct meetings thru the internet. 

In the 2-day test use of the app, majority i.e. 10 out of 13 active BODs, together with some PPs, participated with much willingness and enthusiasm. With this number, a quorum on coming online meetings is now highly probable. 

Thru this videoconferencing tool, the Chapter can meet albeit virtually to continue its work on completing its  members database, amending its Constitution and By-Laws, updating compliance with regulatory requirements, among others.

This year’s BODs may be clamped in implementing its community projects and hosting of a technical conference, but it is determined to leave behind its own legacies, in true fashion with the  Chapter’s Past Presidents.

After all, “We expect to pass this (way) but once. Any good thing, therefore, that we can do… Let us not defer nor neglect it, for we shall not pass this way again.”

/ Desiree Abella / March 29, 2020

/pp EA Eslao

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